Kristina is wonderful! She really listens to your needs and works hard to prepare a meal plan that works for YOU. She is very knowledgeable and understanding. I never felt judged by her because of my eating disorder and I felt comfortable talking to her about my problems. She always emphasizes that consistency is key and it really is true! You don't want to lose weight too fast because it will come back just as fast. With her guidance to a new lifestyle, you will definitely lose the weight at a normal pace and will keep it down much easier. I highly recommend that you contact Kristina if you want help losing weight or just want to be healthier but don't know where to start.



After realizing that I was in the worst shape of my life, I decided that not only did I need to start exercising more regularly, but I also needed to change my diet if I was going to successfully change my lifestyle. I did the Green Program. I'm someone who needs an uncomplicated meal plan because eating for me is just "filling my tank" and so don't have time for hard-to-find ingredients or complicated preparation. She's thorough and happily answered my questions. I also like that she checks in on me if she hasn't heard from me.



My bf and I are highly active people and we have been intensely training for our upcoming obstacle courses.  I reached out to Kristina because I was looking for something to complement my current Superfoods meals--I needed something easy and convenient to layer in for my 3rd meal of the day AND align with our health goals.
Kristina made it super easy to weave the plan into my daily life--the only way it would have been even better was if she had a delivery service as well! Haha!  
What was really nice was Kristina would email me to see how I was doing. When you get only the meal plan like so many of the diets out there, having communication with Kristina is not included. She motivated me to keep going and it felt like she really cared. All I can say is my body feels stronger and I can't wait to see how I perform in my next race! Thank you Kristina!



Kristina overall has been a very helpful person, not just in eating clean. I've known her for a couple of years from school and she has helped me pass pharmacy school, referred me to a great wedding planner for my wedding, and help me get into the best shape of my life for my wedding two years ago. I followed her diet plan and met with a personal trainer/pilates instructor to lose 10 pounds. The ladies at the bridal salon (where I bought my dress) were shocked they had to cut so much fabric off!
Two years later, I'm ready to think about having children. I'm consulting Kristina now to stay motivated to eat clean. Eating clean will be very important to increase my odds of conceiving. Doctors are very strict when it comes to weight gain during pregnancy, and I don't want to be that poor future mom with gestational diabetes. She has helped other clients with having a healthy pregnancy and I'm confident she will do the same for me. I'm looking forward to this wellness journey with her!



I had been exercising four to five days a week and considered myself in great shape, but there was one problem. I was struggling to lose those last five stubborn pounds. That's when I decided to turn to Kristina for her expert advice. She created a personalized nutrition plan for me, and she also provided me with an exercise routine and schedule. She tracked my progress every week, making minor tweaks to my meal plan to ensure I would not plateau.
Seven weeks later I lost six pounds, which was one pound more than my goal! I recommend Kristina's services to anyone who wants to lose those last few stubborn pounds, get back into shape or maintain a healthy weight.



I came to Kristina to lose the last few pounds that never go away. She looked over my food journal and tweaked my diet and recommended some supplements based on my food preferences and lifestyle. She is a very encouraging mentor. 
Kristina not only helped me get back on track with my diet, but by eating healthier I noticed my allergies were gone! I learned how eating healthy can have a positive effect on other things in my life. I still continue with the diet plan and I'm so happy! Lost a few pounds, got rid of my allergies naturally and feel so much healthier :)



I COULD NOT FIT INTO MY PANTS! It's not that I was overweight, but when you gotta suck it in for ALL your pants, it's bad! Just saying, a manly pudgy Homer Simpson beer belly isn't sexy on a petite woman. I came to Kristina because I wanted to eat better and have more energy because dozing at your desk isn't pretty. I was realistic and told Kristina if I could shed a few pounds and fit in my pants- that's all I wanted. But I wasn't willing to give up greasy Chinese food, taco Tuesdays, cookies, chips, candy, desserts or wine and cheese. A girl gots to eat!
We decided on a 3 month plan where Kristina kept me accountable via logging my food diary, energy level and discussing my progress on weekly calls and/or emails. She adjusted my food and quantity based on my energy level and food preferences. In addition to my walking work commute (about 20 mins a day, 5 days/week), I also walked more on a weekly basis (additional 2-3 walks anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour), and have continually kept up my weekly stomach/strength exercises. 
As a result of better eating habits and exercise, my fat weight turned into muscle and best of all, I CAN FIT my size 4/5 PANTS again. I'm confident I can slim down even more thanks to Kristina's help! 



After my doctor told me I was borderline pre-diabetic, I became worried as my Dad's side of the family is very prone to both types of diabetes. I went to Kristina for guidance on how I could improve my health and signed up for her 3-month package. She was very patient and took the time to explain the labwork from the doctor's office and what pre-diabetes was. She gave me suggestions on how to incorporate more exercise, and gave tips on how I could improve my diet and eat healthier. She was also very highly motivating. I have severe food allergies that she worked around when recommending food choices. I'm happy to say that I lost 5 pounds and my doctor said my health is phenomenal now!



I haven't always been healthy and fit.  Before being her client, I had my fill of sugary foods and drinks.  To be honest, I couldn't say no to ice cream and pastries. My weight would balloon 20 pounds then I would drop that weight with the newest fad in diet.   With her nutritional tips and creative ideas for sweet substitutes, I have been able to maintain my weight.  Now that my weight was in check, being fit was the next goal.  Kristina made working out fun.  She knew plenty of hiking trails near me and coached me up so many hills.  The most important lesson I learned from her, was that if I wanted to be healthy and fit, I would need a more positive lifestyle change.  Thank you Kristina!



I sought the help of Kristina after I had undergone surgery for breast cancer and started taking Tamoxifen. After talking to my oncologist, other breast cancer survivors and doing my own research, I started to feel overwhelmed and confused with all the information I was hearing about what I should and should not eat while taking this medication. 
When I approached Kristina with my concerns and questions, she showed understanding and sensitivity to my situation. I was impressed with how detailed her responses were and how she directed me to credible articles regarding the topics I brought up to support her recommendations. The credible articles were important to me because when I was doing my own research, I wasn't sure what was trustworthy information or not. With all the information she gave me, I now feel more confident that I can make better choices when it comes to selecting food that's best for my situation. After I received all the information from Kristina, I discussed everything with my physician per Kristina's recommendation.



I am originally from California but just moved to Miami. I really wasn't feeling the meathead trainers I was meeting over here so I found Kristina. I stay healthy, play a lot of sports, but I definitely don't eat well. I mainly wanted to eat healthier and mostly maintain my health. I wasn't interested in some miracle and Kristina really knows about all the science and gives me a plan that works for my schedule and timetable. She's not pushy which is great and really listens unlike trainers I meet who seem more like mini-drill sergeants.
When I go back home to see my family, I'll probably see Kristina in person but we mostly talk online, occasional Skype, weekly. She's really flexible and definitely knows you even if you're not local. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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