Healing Blueprint



The Healing Blueprint is my approach to bringing balance to your health — emotionally, spiritually and physically. Through guided nutrition coaching and support, we’ll work together to develop sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle and help you thrive. No matter what your goals are — from losing weight, to wanting more energy to get through the day — there is a program for you.


I offer a variety of programs based on your personal needs and goals. Every program includes a meal plan and daily check-ins. You choose the level of customization, having additional support, and how long you want to stay in the program.


Kickstart your way to fast results with the Fresh Foundation! This program features daily check-ins and an anti-inflammatory meal plan that’s plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free. The exercise plan is simple: just 45 minutes of activity, 5 days per week!

2 Weeks$299


Lifestyle Layout is the most popular program. It builds on Fresh Foundation with a meal plan tailored to your specific food preferences and goals. Perfect if you’re just starting your healthier lifestyle and need some guidance.

2 Weeks$499


The Make Whole Master Plan is our signature program, ideal for those with unique dietary, physical, or medical restrictions and those who need more support. This will give you time to make progressive changes and turn them into long-lasting habits. 

4 Weeks・$899

After any program, you may continue on a monthly retainer basis for maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While most do come to me looking to lose weight, I won't use the scale as a measure of your progress. We can talk about the reasons why and your desire to lose weight. For most clients, they do find their weight will normalize while working with me. The focus is for you to feel healthy and empowered to take your health into your own hands and have lifelong success.

Before starting any physical workout, please get clearance from your physician espeically if you have an injury. It is not required you workout, but from experience, it speeds up the process of reaching your goals more swiftly. You should still get results without the exercise.

Keep in mind 'The Fresh Foundation' program was designed to give the best results with 45 - 60 minutes of physical activity for 5 days per week. Activity will be different for each person and will be dependent on your current physical level. All I ask is you find things you enjoy to do, go at your own pace, and challenge yourself.

In general, most clients are comfortable continuing on their own after working with me for 3 months. However, I'm always here for returning clients or for those who may need more time.  

I do not accept insurance at this time. All rates are on my Services page. For more information on each program, click on the corresponding photo.

Since I am a clinical pharmacist (and also have a chronic illness), I understand and am aware of specific diseases, health conditions, and physical injuries. I do take these into account when we work together. However, I am not a dietitian so I cannot TREAT any specific disease, health condition, or injury using nutrition counseling. Think of me more guiding you on a path of improved health and wellness.

Yes, you can! All sessions are available anywhere in the world by phone, text or other messenging app, Skype, or FaceTime. International clients will be on the same schedule as the U.S clients.