Sophia approached me after a tough second pregnancy and needed to feel stronger before trying again. I created a well balanced meal plan and suggested supplements to give her the recommended nutrients for preconception and to boost her energy level. I encouraged her to continue with her workouts to keep her fit and to reduce stress. Every recommendation I made was discussed to her OB by Sophia before she took any action.

Kristina put me on a prenatal program that has been absolutely phenomenal! I've struggled with 2 other pregnancies but finally she got me on a good program that has kept my weight perfect! I've hardly gained any and the doctor is impressed ! The baby is perfectly healthy too :) I highly recommend Kristina Li not only for prenatal plans but for anyone looking for change! She's very approachable, friendly, understanding and so sweet. It's so nice working with someone who genuinely cares for once! She truly knows her stuff, and educates you rather than just throws a meal plan at you like other nutritionists do. She tailors a plan to exactly what your needs are, and spends quality time doing so. It really shows. I am very lucky to have found her! Thanks Kristina!



Sophia had her little one and wanted to lose the baby weight. She recently became vegetarian and needed help with staying properly fueled for her intense workouts. In 4 months, she lost 70 pounds!

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