My bunny PICKS

Below you will find the top products I use for the care of my two nethies Cookie & Gizmo. I will add new things I feel would enrich any bunny’s life. You can directly get the product on Amazon by clicking on the image or item description. If something is out, please email me and I will find the item and reply back.

soft Harness with Leash

Great harness made of a soft durable material. My nethies wear a Medium.

Exercise Pen with Door

A strong sturdy pen that can be used for exercise time. This is my nethies’ cage.

Oxbow Digestive Support

Tasty treat that’s good for their tummy! Gizmo’s tummy problems decreased since eating these.


Sherwood rabbit pellets

I highly recommend these pellets because it’s grain & soy-free. Does contain some alfalfa so don’t overfeed.

papaya digestive support

Believed papaya enzymes will help prevent hair blockages. Mine love these so I use them as a morning treat :)

Pet pee pads

These measure 22”x22”, with the center pad measuring 19”x19”. I use the regular-sized ones to line the litter box.


Trixie Snack Ball

A fun way to get your bunny to move around while also treating them. The opening can be adjusted to regulate how fast the treat comes out.

Litter Box

Large litter box 19.7"x17.3"x5.9"(LxWxH) with high walls to prevent overflow and a low opening front for easy access.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Though this is for cats, my nethies love destroying the cardboard and jumping on it. I remove the green side covers so they can’t eat.


Kaytee Hay & Food Feeder

Easily attached to any cage to hold food. I hang mine over the litter box to hold pellets.

Oxbow Timothy Tunnel

A tunnel that can be used as a hidey spot, play thing, or to eat because its 100% timothy hay.

Pet Stairs

These stairs are perfect for giving your bunny a boost to high places. It’s how my come to see me on the couch :)


Corner Litter Box

Litter boxes that fit great into corners. I started litter training my buns with these when I had my nethies in separate cages.

Glass Spray Bottles 16oz

Useful for storing my 50/50 vinegar-water mixture whenever I need it to clean up any accidents, their cage, and litter box.

OXO Good Fur Remover

Very effective in removing fur off your clothes! I love that it is reusable.