Searching for the Root Cause with my Dr. House MD

After 15 years of dealing with an undiagnosed condition, it was discovered I had dysautonomia. A part of me was happy because I finally got an answer. And then, the realization that I would never be normal again hit me HARD. I no longer had that small glimmer of hope I would just get better with time.

Currently, there’s no cure for dysautonomia. The only thing doctors could offer me was medications to alleviate symptoms that bothered me. But there weren’t any that were so bad that I would trade for drug side effects. All the focus was on what could be done now, rather than figuring out how I got dysautonomia. If I could figure out why this happened, then maybe there’s a chance I could reverse the effects or, at least, prevent my dysautonomia from worsening.

Last summer, a friend introduced me to a sweet young lady who had been chronically ill for 20 years (since 6 years old!). She flew all the way from Georgia to see this doctor in Beverly Hills. After 2 appointments, he found the cause of her life-long ailments. I won’t discuss the details because that is her personal story. This doctor accepts patients only by referrals, so she gladly offered to pass on my name. I’ll call him Dr. House from now on because he’s known for solving challenging cases (hopefully you all know the TV show).

Initially, I was hesitant to see Dr. House because he didn’t take insurance. But his rave reviews and prices were reasonable that I decided to give him a chance. Figured he was my last chance in finding the root cause by a Western medical doctor.


At my appointment, I was greeted warmly by his staff and noticed I was the only one in the waiting room. He had blocked out the entire afternoon just for me. Dr. House was the most thorough doctor I’d ever seen. Nothing was insignificant to him. As I was summarizing what happened 15 years ago, he abruptly stopped me and told me to describe everything in detail. I couldn’t hold back the tears and just broke down. I was taken off guard because no doctor had ever taken the time to ask.

After spending 3 hours with me, Dr. House ended the session by telling me that I’m not a rare patient — it’s just a shame there aren’t many doctors who want to take the time to help figure out the complicated cases. Before leaving I asked if he had a guess of what it could be, and he replied that in 85% of his cases that it’s an infectious agent like a virus, parasite, fungus etc. I was told to come back to the office to get a bunch of blood work.

I won’t stop until I find out what it is as long as you’re with me.”

I sure hope you can Dr. House….

[ To my readers: I know that it's not always possible to find the root cause, and many live without ever knowing (hey, that could still be me even with Dr. House). But if you can discover what initially got you sick, I believe it will help bring clarity as to why you’ve been suffering and can point you in getting proper treatments. So have any of you ever found your root cause? And did it help knowing? I would love to know in the comments or you can reach out to me! ]