Healing Blueprint


Hi, I’m Kristina and I’m so happy you’re here! Healing Blueprint began as a blog to share my personal struggle with an undiagnosed, invisible chronic illness. Shortly after graduating college, I went from healthy to bedridden without warning. I found myself in constant pain and couldn’t breathe, eat, stand, or think. As I lay in bed barely functioning, I realized the importance of self-care and the fragility of health. I made the choice to fight for my health and my life.

Fifteen years later, I continue to have symptoms wavering from unbearable to tolerable. I pushed through much adversity and limiting beliefs to get to where I am today. I may never get back to my “old self”, and that’s okay because I’ve accepted it. But accepting does not mean giving up. By sharing my experience, I hope to inspire you to live a fulfilling life (with or without a chronic illness).




Without medical treatment or help, I had to learn ways to cope with my “new body.” I focused on natural remedies and lifestyle changes because these were things I could do on my own. I adjusted my diet, shifted to a slower pace of life, and learned my limitations while carefully pushing myself to build up my tolerance. It’s been a rough journey, but with time I reached ‘near normal.’

I embrace life and don't take my health for granted. After 15 years of no answers, I was diagnosed with dysautonomia in December 2018. Currently there is no cure, and most medical treatments are aimed at alleviating symptoms rather than finding the root cause. I continue to practice my holistic way of living and only turn to medications when absolutely necessary.




My background as a clinical pharmacist and certified nutrition specialist (CNS) gives me a unique perspective on how to integrate modern medicine with other modalities of natural healing. I take a holistic approach, what I call the healing blueprint, to bring balance to your health — emotionally, spiritually and physically. I believe that anyone, no matter what age or stage of life, can find health and happiness.

One thing I’ve discovered from clients embarking on their new lifestyle is that often times the most challenging part is feeling alone. I understand how hard it can be to leave your comfort zone and do something new. It’s even harder when you don’t have a support system like a spouse, friend, or family. That’s why I will be with you each step of the way, cheering you on when you succeed and catching you when you fall. Having accountability is a must!

There are no quick fixes or magic pills or one-size-fits-all plans. Every person is unique and has different lives, needs and bodies. That’s why I take an individualized approach with every client to improve their health, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable habits.




When I'm not busy typing away at my blog or meeting with my wellness clients, you can find me working as a clinical pharmacist, lending a hand as a hand model, eating and traveling around the globe, and taking care of my two adorable bunnies 🐰Cookie and 🐰Gizmo. I love meeting and interacting with people everywhere and from all walks of life, so please drop me a line!