Healing Blueprint

It's time to be the healthiest you!

create the life you want


How, you ask?

1. Eating foods you love

Let's re-discover your joy in eating real foods (even your favorites!)


2. Shifting your mindset

Focusing on well-being and not the number on the scale will create a newfound sense of self-worth.


3. Having fun being active

Being active is good for your body and mind, and adds vitality to your life!


4. Having a cheerleader!

You're smart and you know what you need to do. But it's easier when someone is by your side. When times get tough, I'll be there checking in and offering encouragement. I'm invested in you as much as you are in yourself.


As a chronic-illness warrior turned nutrition & wellness expert, I have a unique perspective on being well and feeling healthy. I’m here to help you become the best version of yourself by healing your relationship with food and teaching you to understand your body’s needs. After working together, you’ll feel empowered to make sustainable lifestyle habits and live your own version of wellness. Click here to read my story.




Lost 15 Pounds & 10 Inches


Lost 70 Pounds


Dropped 2 Pant Sizes

What CLIENTS are SAying

She really listens to your needs and works hard to prepare a meal plan that works for YOU.
I’m already seeing inches fade away.
I’m happy to say that I lost 5 pounds and my doctor said my health is phenomenal now!